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The mainboard of the AX consists of three processors. The SC12, the VS1001k and the ATtiny15L. The VS1001k is a DSP responsible for playing MPEG1 layer 1,2,3 and RAW (wave) files. The ATtiny15L is used for decoding received infrared codes and if neccesary turning the mainboards power on. The ATtiny15L and infrared sensor have their own power circuit. Also the harddrive has it's own power circuit. In some AX devices with OLED or EL there is an extra 9V or 110V power circuit. The IDE device is 16-bits and connected using an extra logic circuit which is then properly addresses using softare. A generic connector is supplied for connecting most modern graphic displays with least modification.

Schematic v05


The mainboard is as big as the red area, but the eight mounting holes make it possible to mount the mainboard both on 2,5"* and 3,5" disks.
* This does not count for the latest 2,5" IDE disks.

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